Nursery & Kids Design Company

Bay2008Bay2008 subscriber Posts: 1
I am very clueless about where to start with a business. I am so sick of seeing Winnie the Pooh, Flowers, Butterfly, Zoo, Jungle Nurseries and the list goes on.
I want to start my own Nursery& Kids product company. For new creative theme`s and design`s for the little guys. I already have some idea`s and picture in my mind of how I want them to look. I can`t draw but I do have adobe photoshop CS2.
Is adobe photoshop a good program for designing patterns and product designs?
Also where do I start with like finding someone to make prototypes?
I love children`s design and heard that the area of Nursery&Kids products are the fastest growing market in luxury. I figure you only live once and I should take this risk or I will regret not trying.
Any Advice would be wonderful!


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