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Garment Merchandising

qbeeqbee subscriber Posts: 1
edited June 2007 in Developing Your Invention
I have an idea and a design for some articles of clothing and am wondering if anyone can help me with the next step i.e., finding someone to help me with prototype, manufacturing and distribution.....I live in the San Francisco Bay Area which may or may not help. I really don`t know how to launch my idea, but I do know there is a need for what I have in mind.I am hoping some of you might be able to help me with information on how to launch my product or even direct me to someone-someplace-or even a book. I must say, I am afraid to get too excited about it as I don`t want to be let down, but I do know creating it would fill a need. Thank you in advance.  qbee


  • ToddFToddF subscriber Posts: 3
    well if the clothing is custom designed then you`ll need a clothing deisgner to design it, this also includes the materials used. I would think in your area there are lots of custom clothing designers that you could talk with. Look in the yellowpages for them, hit some trendy little custom shops, or even try a college that specializes in it. I guess without knowing what the idea is, it`s hard to direct you to that specific person or company.
    I wouldn`t we worried about being let down, thats always half the battle. You gotta roll with the punches and move on. If my wife and I just sat back and let ourselves be let down, we wouldn`t be doing an entire salon build out. We`ve had our shares of let downs but theres just NO WAY I`m letting something like that stop me from succeeding, and you shouldn`t either. You can do it, there`s always a way.
  • qbeeqbee subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks so much for the information!  I am so excited to have a next step.  I will contact both Aston and Core International.  Thank you also for your words of wisdom.  What you say is true, but when I think of all the time and effort to do things these days and then to have it not work out it is discouraging.  But I do know it will fill a need if I can get my product out there. 
    Thanks again, qbee
  • qbeeqbee subscriber Posts: 1
    I like your attitude and your ideas and will pursue them.  We do have the Academy of Art college in San Francisco and they do have a fashion department.  There really is a need for the product and I think if I can get it together that it would sell.  Then there is the worry that someone else might beat me to it.  One step at a time, right!  Thanks so much for your time and ideas!  I love this website!
    Good luck to you and your wife, your salon sounds fantastic!
    Thanks again, qbee
  • qbeeqbee subscriber Posts: 1
    I think we forget that sometimes.  I guess that`s why it so much fun to be around children, `cause they still know how to have fun!
    Just another quick question....during preliminary discussions regarding my idea, how much information can I give?  I want to get my "foot in the door," but I don`t want to give out too much information, right?
  • qbeeqbee subscriber Posts: 1
    I had a two day seminar this weekend so just now getting back to you.  What you said makes so much sense!  .....and I can do that....sew it and draw it.......so now I just have to get someone to listen!
    Thank you - you have been tremendous help!
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