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Services for FSBO’s (for sale by owner)

fsboshofsbosho subscriber Posts: 1
edited October 2006 in Website Critique
Hello Everyone,My name is Shawn and I came up with this idea when I was selling my home FSBO in another state and we had to move prior to the home being sold. BTW, we`re a military family so we`ve had to move numerous times and purchased several homes over the last 12 yrs.Since the house wasn`t sold before leaving we had to find a realtor to sell the home and pay the 6% fee.Once the house was listed with the agent, I began to research real estate licensing laws in that state and others. Well, six months later, I`ve formed a corporation based on this concept. Yes, an attorney has reviewed/researched the idea and the legal formalities but I really need some feedback from others. So here goes...My business will target sellers that are selling their home through "For Sale by Owner" sites. My business would include: a home showing service, a cleaning service and a staging service. The home showing service only consists of "showing the home for the owner when the owner isn`t available" to show the home themselves. It could also include holding an open house, if the homeowner chooses to hold an open house. In the home showing capacity, I will act as a "FSBO Consultant" to the home seller. I would give callers the information about the home supplied by the seller, but have them contact the owner for further details. If the homeowner wants the person to "view" the house, I or someone who works for me, would open the door for viewing. We will not try to sell the features or the neighborhood just be there to meet and greet. We then let the prospects view the home without pressure. The business will explicitly say that we are not realtors, agents or the like; we will not negotiate any contracts for the seller or buyer; we cannot assist with setting the sales price; we cannot offer legal advice of any kind; we cannot and will not "market" the property. We are only there to assist the home seller when they aren`t available to show the home. Additionally, the business will be licensed, bonded and insured.I`ve reviewed the Virginia board of real estate`s regs and what I`m proposing does not constitute "selling or negotiating" contracts. I just need someone to assist with setting up this business and reviewing my service agreement. Lastly, for more info the website is www.essential-home.com</A>.So, please review the website (yes I did it myself) and provide any feedback about the website, the contents, the idea, anything. I would really appreciate some feedback.
Forgive me for cramming so much into this spot-- just want everyone to understand what I`m doing and how I got there.


  • asapasap subscriber Posts: 1
    Shawn-I have these 3 items to consider:1.  The web is a scanable read to the more you can simplify, bullet or seperate your content, the better.  Make it simple, sweet and tell the user what they get in working with you.  I would clearly state your offering right on the home page, then let your sub pages break it down even further.2.  Your big point is saving them money and time ... point out the savings.  Show them what 6% on a 250,000 home is.  Sounds elementary  ... but it speaks to the user instead of them having to think it out.3.  Trust.  Your service is about them trusting you (or employess) to be in their home ...their most valuable possesion.  Find the right way to show your bonded/insured and they have little risk.  Also joining any area Chambers or groups that have a solid rep will allow you to post their logos and build initial trust.I hope these help.  Good luck!
  • inkwireinkwire subscriber Posts: 3
    I think you`ve got a great idea, and I agree with asap that you need to illustrate what the savings really are.  If possible, you might want to add a little calculator so people can see what their specific savings may be.You should also think of text like soundbites.  Things should be compact, easy to digest and easy to remember.  I apologize for the following, but it`s late and my written organization skills have deserted me, so I`m just going to go point by point:The header `Customized Property Solutions...` and the first line of the following paragraph are both essentially saying the same thing.  It would be clear if you combined them both into one header that described the biz in a nutshell.The services would be easier to read as a bulleted list.The lines about not being a licensed RE agency & the disclosure link should be small print at the bottom of the page. (Caveat emptor - always read the small print )The handwritten, cartoon-like font is not professional.  You want to be taken seriously, right?The Paypal box has scroll bars in FirefoxDesign a logo - it will look much more polished than a text headerIf you`re going to use html text on the buttons, remove the button background stripes as they make the text harder to read.You have a domain name - use an address like [email protected] instead of a Yahoo address.I hope this is helpful. 
  • fsboshofsbosho subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi Inkwire
    You have no idea how much I appreciate your feedback!!!!!!  Thanx a ton.
    I`m really working to implement all suggestions to the website.  Hopefully, I`ll have them done in the next week or so (these children give you no free time.
    Thank You,
    President, Essential Home Solutions, Inc.
  • inkwireinkwire subscriber Posts: 3
    You`re most welcome - and I can relate to the kids/free time issue FSBO is something I`ve been thinking of as well, since I`ll want to sell my house sometime in the next 2-3 years.  I just don`t see the point of giving away 6% - it makes more sense to take the time to do it yourself.  I hope your business does well - and expands to my area!
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