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I need to know how to get my website known....specifically in Boston.  I just started a sports related website for dogs and have baseball bandanas.  Needless to say, the baseball season will be over soon so I need to take advantage since one of the teams is currently in the playoffs. I took an ad out in newspapers and blogged on the fans website but no orders.  Do you have any suggestions for me?  I appreciate your time!  www.teamwoofoutfitters.com                                                                               THANK YOU!!                                                                                                       Holly


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    Are you getting traffic at all from the ads you`ve placed?
    As a rule, splash/entry pages usually aren`t needed; take people right to the good stuff instead.
    If you`re in Boston, might want to put the Boston items right at the top of the catalog, not the competitions.
    I think you have some scripting errors. Right under the item image, the text links arent doing anything; at the bottom of the browser it displays " javascript:; " where it should display the page url ( usually ). So if this is supposed to take the viewer to another page or create a popup or something, it isn`t doing so ( at least not in Firefox ).
    My biggest issue is that I have no way of seeing what they`re made of, how big they are, or any other information about them other than a price.Webline10/11/2008 8:43 PM
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    Thank you for your time and suggestions!
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