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Where do you go when you feel stuck?

JanetHiltsJanetHilts subscriber Posts: 1
Have you ever felt like you were stuck -- motivated, but something inside seems to be keeping you from doing what it takes to move forward in your business?
If so, where did you turn for help?
I am narrowing my niche and doing research to see what other resources are offering to help folks get unstuck.
Thanks for any resources you can suggest.  How can I help you?
JanetHilts4/21/2009 9:41 AM


  • fordacfordac subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Janet,
    Actually I have felt, and still do to a point, just like you.  I read a lot of success stories about people who were a lot worse off than I am and how they kept their determination to make their dream happen.  That right now is my motivation - to accomplish the goals that I have laid out and ultimately succeed with my business.  The one thing that took me a while to learn was to do what you are best at and bring in others to do the rest.  Also establishing small, achievable goals will help keep you moving forward.  I always ask myself `What I can do today to accomplish this goal?  It`s helped me out tremendously.  Good luck with your venture.
  • JanetHiltsJanetHilts subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks for your thoughtful reply, Andre.  The best of success to you!
  • JanetHiltsJanetHilts subscriber Posts: 1
    No way to compete with that, Craig. Wouldn`t even try....
  • JanetHiltsJanetHilts subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks for your feedback, Heather. Makes me want to go out and get some skates!
  • sipmarketingsipmarketing subscriber Posts: 3
    BOOM! I`m with Craig L!!
    I love fishing and me and my partner go fishing to clear our heads and get out of the office. We run a small shop and have faced many of these challenges...Fishing and being outside seems to clear our heads and gets us back in the right mindset to get motivated and bang it out!
    Good one Craig!
  • CasiCasi subscriber Posts: 5
    I`ll listen to certain audio books while driving.  Right now, I`m listening to The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don`t Work and What to Do About It
  • SoloFlightSoloFlight subscriber Posts: 3
    Oh` goodness, been there a good few times. I`ve handled that situation in many ways, but walking away from it, has been the best solution thus far. Do something else . I do what works for myself to clear my head, feel more energized/motivated. 
    I`ll finish a home task, with great music playing, which always gives me satisfaction and inspires me to move forward. I`ll treat myself by dropping my kayak in the lake.Take the dogs out for a walk or ride to pick out something new from a pet store. Take a ride to the gym, a good work out usually does the trick. Go see my friends and try not to talk about business. I`ll turn on a movie and sometimes end up snoozing for a bit, which helps me to relax. There have been times that I simply needed to get in a vehicle and take a short weekend drive to where ever my picked destination would be, and it`s usually going out of state. I turn on my music and cruise. That really does the trick, when I`m really stuck. I`ve always come back, ready to roll . 
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