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Making The Most Out Of Your Recognition In The Media

iyazamiyazam subscriber Posts: 33
edited March 2009 in Grab Bag
There are many ways you can attract clients to your business. You
can run an aggressive marketing campaign, you can buy ad space on a
popular website and so on and so forth.
Another method of attracting clients to your business is by creating a testimonial page
of past clients on your website, brochure or what ever it may be.
Testimonials are very powerful because the potential client is getting
the recommendations he is looking for. In most cases that`s all a new
client needs.
There is still yet another tool for attracting new clients and this is something that many businesses don`t realize: Recognitions in the media
publication whether its a magazine or a newspaper that`s very well
accepted and has a large reader base - a recognition in a publication
like this can be very powerful for attracting new clients to your
The first way is that readers will read about you and just may contact you.
second way is probably the most powerful: Its all a matter of what you
do with this recognition! Are you going to make a big deal about it? Or
are you going to be passive about it?
There is a lot you
can do with such a recognition. How many times have you seen on a
website where it says: "Recognized in **** Magazine For Top 50 etc...!"
, Have you ever walked into an office and saw a recognition plaque on
the wall?
There are many companies in the states that
deal with marketing recognition products to businesses. More and more
businesses today are beginning to realize and understand the incredible
marketing potential a recognition product has, especially when the
recognition is coming from a well known publication.
The next time you are recognized do what ever you can to make the most out of your recognition!

I once heard this interesting way of getting recognized by the media:

If the media is not coming to you, then you go to the media. Sometimes in life you need to be a `nudge`. Remember: The Wheel That Squeaks The Most - Gets The Most Oil!


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