How do you Use Social Networks to Market your Business?

iyazamiyazam subscriber Posts: 33
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Here is how I use social media:
I focus on Marketing my information. This
helps me to reach more people and to break the walls that exist between
me and my potential clients. The `wall` is the lack of information
people have about me and my business, they have no clue what I know or
what I can do for them. Therefore I must focus on breaking that `wall`
to get more clients!
So lets hear it: How do you Use Social Networks to Market your Business?


  • ChrisBenjaminChrisBenjamin subscriber Posts: 13
    I use Linked In and Twitter primarily.  Linked In has by far surpassed Twitter in viable business, but both have led to leads and business.  For the most part I`m just trying to be active, market myself as an expert in my field (since I am ) and give potential clients an insight into my personality and what I am all about.  I`m very real and say what I want on both sites, not pulling any punches (such as how I don`t like any businesses focusing on the recent "green" popularity.  Not that its bad, I just personally could care less.) 
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