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How To Prepare For a Business Networking Event

iyazamiyazam subscriber Posts: 33
edited February 2009 in Marketing
I am not a big fan of `business networking` events. For most people its
a show up and throw up event. The problem is that we are not taught how
to make a business networking event effective and how to effectively
and strategically prepare for an event.Here are a few ideas that will help you to prepare yourself for your next business networking event:Rule Number 1:You must build yourself up towards an event and that doesn`t mean by just creating cool business cards. This means adding and learning more skills
towards the next event. This means showing up to an event with results
or at least some numbers in your hand. I met so many people yesterday at an event
who were running the same business as last time - with no results! Rule number 2:Focus on marketing your information to the crowd coming to these events.
Target them, add them as a friend on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. As
you are adding them, send them a message with something like: "Hey -
I`ll be coming to the event in a few weeks - looking forward to
network"Rule number 3:Plan
ahead of time what you want to get out from such an event. Many many
people show up, they have a business, they have an idea but when
talking with them they have no clue what they are looking for. In life
people like clarity, so be clear and specific for what you are looking
for or interested in. Rule number 4:Learn how to listen to other people.
Ask questions and show interest. You cannot imagine how much
information and new things you will learn from other people that will
help your business grow. It was very frustrating to meet with people
yesterday at the event who were just going on and on showing only interest in
themselves. Rule number 5:Brush your teeth!
People! you cannot imagine how hard it is to talk with someone that has
bad breath! When someone has bad breath - the people he is talking with
will remember the bad breath and forget the conversation. Rule number 6:Follow up, follow up and follow up!
An event is worth nothing if you don`t follow up. In the follow up try
to schedule a more chilled face to face meeting over coffee. The Face
to face contact is critical.
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