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Why Updating `Your Status` Is Important In Marketing

iyazamiyazam subscriber Posts: 33
edited October 2008 in Marketing
A new trend that is flooding the web today is the "Status Updating" trend.
For many this is just a fun and cute tool to play around with during the day, for others like myself it can be an incredible marketing tool, if used and not abused.
So why is updating your status important?
Once upon a time when people wanted to update their networks about something, they would send out a weekly or monthly email to their mailing list. Then blogs came around and it became faster to update your network of connecions about the latest goings on in your life, business or what ever.
Then came the status updating. What makes it so unique? We are living in a microwave society and people want things...now and fast. Updating your status allows you to quickly update your network about any new articles on your website, meetings you would like to invite them to or if you have a question and need an answer - maybe someone in your network can supply you with the information you need.
Another aspect in updating your status is - to give your potential clients or customers an inside look into your life; what you are up to and what are you currently doing. Whether we like it or not - we are living in the information age and people want information, even more so in the world of social media.
If you are a professional then there is no need to update your status every time you go to the bathroom. But to update when you are heading to a meeting or `currently working on a big project", is important for the simple reason: So people should know that you are busy, you`ve got action going on in your business. People like to do business with busy people.
Another way of looking at your status updates is understanding the power of getting your message out there. In just a few simple words you can get your marketing message across to hundreds and even thousands of people.
This is why its so important to build a network. Marketing is like pouring honey through a funnel. Something will come out eventually, but you need to keep on pouring. The more that your network is growing then this means that more people will be seeing your `updates` and the more people that will be seeing your updates the greater your chances are that your message will fall on the right ears. ("You just need to keep on pouring!")
( What about if here on Startupnation there was a `Start-Up Status Update`?)
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