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Joining up with another company/website to increase sales

EranAvitalEranAvital subscriber Posts: 11
edited February 2007 in Sales
Hello all
I have a new jewelry website and my team and I have been looking into the idea of joining up with another company in order to increase sales. What would be the best way for my website to create that kind of  `leverage`? 
Advice anyone?
EranAvital.com Jewelry


  • EranAvitalEranAvital subscriber Posts: 11
    Well not just linking - because that we are doing already, What I mean by joining up with another online company is that - maybe there is another way to market my jewelry online and not just through my website. I know of some for example that use ebay as a way of creating `leverage`. I personaly find ebay a very hard place to market jewelry. 
    I hope this makes sense,
    EranAvital.com Jewelry! 
  • EranAvitalEranAvital subscriber Posts: 11
    Ok my dear friends!
    My team and I have been doing alot of thinking today....So here I go and let me know what you think about this idea:
    We were thinking about running some kind of contest with our past customers[or whoever] that the one who brings in the most buyers within a certain period of time, will receive some kind of prize; either a nice commission according to his/hers sales or a nice peice of expensive jewelry, something along that line.
    Also the winner will receive some kind of recognition on our site or on a nice plaque in the mail to hang up on their wall.
    How does this idea to increase sales sound to you?
    EranAvital.com Jewelry!
  • efoozleefoozle subscriber Posts: 2
    EranAvital,I think that it has a chance to increase sales but I don`t think it would be extremely beneficial. Lets say it is for 30 days. Here is what I would analyze before trying it. How much will it cost to implement, manage, and market? You have to have some sort of tracking system whether electronic or other. Manage it and monitor for cheating. Lay out the rules before hand which people must agree too, to participate. Then market that you are having the contest. Add up all those costs and keep them in mind. Now for the profit side. Take your average number of buyers per month and get 1% of that number. So if your average number of buyers is 100 per month your 1% is obviously 1. This means that you are likely to have 1 person per hundred participate. Where did I get this data? It`s called The1 Percenters. 1 percent of people do most of the work in forums, in clicking web ads, etc... It`s documented fairly well. If that 1% will offset the cost then it is worth it. Like all rules, this always works, except when it doesn`t. If you think you can beat the numbers then I say go for it.
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