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How much did you pay for product pictures?

lilooliloo subscriber Posts: 6
edited August 2007 in Marketing
I am researching photographers to take picutres of my products and wondered what the range of rates is so I have some clue when I start contacting them.
What did you all pay?.


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    lilooliloo subscriber Posts: 6
    I have experience with Photoshop, but am not so confident in my photography skills. I found one that charges $39 per product photographed. That sounds really cheap... too cheap, but I don`t really know.
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    gala2006gala2006 subscriber Posts: 0
    If you are planning to look professional and have actual printed brochures and other marketing materials with these photo`s you may want to strongly consider a pro.
    For the web you can get away with low-res photography but not with print! By print, I mean actual offset printing not from your home printer or a color copier.
    Some of my clients requested I use photo`s they supplied before. Against my advice of course! Needless to say they used a pro the next time.
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    gala2006gala2006 subscriber Posts: 0
    CraigI do understand your point of view however, I still have to disagree. This is a situation I come across this on a daily basis.1 reason to start out using high-Res images is because you can always reduce the size. The same can`t be said if you start out with a small file size. Sometimes when you start out you have a great photo that you want to use in all your collateral print materials, but you originally only intended to use it for the web. Now you have to re-take the photo (High-Res) and hope for the same results. Do it once, do it right theory.
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    gala2006gala2006 subscriber Posts: 0
    It seems your are going to spend the money on packaging and print
    materials. I can`t stress enough to use a pro in all the production
    aspects of this project. You will see the difference and first
    impressions in the market matter. If you are going to sell products
    that will be shelved amongst others   you may also want to look at the

    Look better than they do!
    If the competition all us monochromatic colors or just black &
    White, then go with a colorful package and give it "POP" to catch your
    market. If they all use colorful busy packaging then keep yours simple!
    Distinguish yourself.

    Keep your logo simple. Consult a Pro. If you need advice I will gladly
    tell you what to look for in a logo designer. There is a lot to
    consider and I understand it can be overwhelming. If you prefer you can
    contact me directly  and we can discuss this in depth.My website is under construction  but my contact info is there.
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    SparkleGirlSparkleGirl subscriber Posts: 2
    A colleague of mine recently turned me on to a royalty free website istockphoto.com that you can use for your non-product specific pictures.
    I also have a discount code - PM me if you are interested.
    But to get back to the original topic:  for my site, brochures, mailings, and even my custom SparklingCards we used a professional photographer (jacekgancarz.com - disclosure, he is a good friend of ours) and I`ll agree that the quality that you receive from a pro is second to none.
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