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Proper executive title for DBA

henrypartelhenrypartel subscriber Posts: 1
edited September 2010 in Business Planning
Hello All!
I've been browsing this website for a while now and I am finally starting up my own business and had a few questions.
am in the middle of creating a complex eCommerce application that I
will be able to use across multiple industries. For that reason I
created a corporation(lets call it ABC Inc) who will own this eCommerce
platform and have DBA's under the corporation for each industry I use it
towards. Right now we are just focusing on one specific industry before
we use it for other industries in a few years. So I created a DBA that
is owned by ABC Inc for this industry. So that there is no confusion,
let's just say the DBA is called ShoeStores as an example. So to sum it
up, ABC Inc owns and operates ShoeStores.
am the CEO/Co-founder of the corporation. My question to you is what
would my title be for ShoeStores for business cards, etc. We would be
going to conferences and conventions for this specific industry and
would like our titles to be used.
Should we create 2 business cards? One for the corporation with our tittle and one for the DBA with just our names?
Any insight would greatly be appreciated!
Thanks in advance.
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