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Now I`m broke $$$ with a site that needs something

hwj688hwj688 subscriber Posts: 1
edited January 2009 in Website Critique
   I hired a pro do my site and its boring I sure could use some advice here. I`m not sure if long copy is what I need or keep it short. www.jansmahomes.com was suppose to be my baby and it will be. I, I, well, just look at it. What can I do.
I have a big ticket Item with limited global flexibility.
Jansma Homes


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    WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    It is rather, umm, bland .... this was done by a pro? I hope it didn`t cost an arm and a leg ....
    The top buttons, site coloring and top image don`t blend well .... not all pages have the left menu .... the copt/text could be worked on .... yeah, there are a few things to fix.
    There are several site designers here on SUN that could work with you on this .... myself included .... have you talked to the original designer about the issues you have with it? Did you get a chance to preview it before it went live, or before payments were required?
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    hwj688hwj688 subscriber Posts: 1
    I haven`t talked to him about it yet, I guess I needed a second opinion first. Do you think it looks outdated, He was recommended by a friend and  I was told he was outstanding. OK,well, I told him about the buttons and site coloring at our last meeting because I thought it didn`t look right but I an still waiting for the changes to be made. You see, I don`t have control of some designing package he is using. I`ll have to send him an email of when I expect it to be done.
    How do I contact someone to build a site that is second to none for my kind of business?
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    vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    Design - Ooo... not so good, as noted above.
    I do not know the "process" you went through with the designer... but usually there is some discussion before the work starts about the "look" and feel of the site and maybe a few sample
    mock-ups. So that you know what`s coming.
    As Craig says... you do need to think about  your site`s content. What is your marketing message? Who is your target market?
    The pictures of the homes are nice... the web is a visual media. So I would think your site would
    be more visual.
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