Excellent Time For New Business!

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Right now in the Trucking industry, equipment can be purchased way below resale. An example is 2005 Freightliner condo sleeper in exc. condition for $25,000 (blue book at $35,000-$40,000), 2004 Wabash 53` ft. trailer for less than $10,000 in Truckpaper magazine. The deals are many. An Owner Operater can start with exc. equipment for around $50,000. I have 21yrs. exp. as a professional driver, with a credit score of 670 and rising. Conventional banks have refused business loan, even I have a complete business plan. It is a real shame that when an exc. opportunity arise`s, that because of unless you possess an exc. credit score, you cannot move forward. When the economy is down freight continue`s to move, (load boards are the proof). My question is other than leasing, are there any options I have overlooked to obtain funding?   
harley1014/3/2009 10:10 AM
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