Skating Away, On the Thin Ice of a New Day....

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Yesterday, I managed to meet with my patent lawyer and the patent draftsman, to hash out preliminary drawing requirements for my patent. It`s just a simple consumer product; but I had looked for something like it on the shelves of retail outlets for years, and never saw it - so I decided to make it myself.
Tomorrow (or, maybe by now it`s a new today, it`s about midnight central time) I WILL find out a manufacturer that makes `booger glue` (or, fugitive glue, for those who don`t care for the former moniker). This is the kind of tacky glue that is found on the back of new credit cards when they come in the mail. I believe it would work best for my product.
By the way, I am new to this forum, and the website. I am impressed with the posts I have seen so far, and the way members encourage each other. I think I`ll like it here.


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