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Music On Websites

MattHaasMattHaas Posts: 2subscriber
edited September 2015 in Building A Website That Works
I have encountered a few websites that play music when you go to the
site.  If I`m in a situation where I can listen to music, I`m
generally listening to something I enjoy.  If I`m in a situation
where I shouldn`t be listening to music, it`s embarassing if I forgot
to turn off my speakers.  I also find that it generally takes alot
longer for the site to load.  I`m assuming they are including the
music with the intention of creating an atmosphere.  If you are
running your own site should you include music or not?  Does the
benefits of having a unique feature on the site outweigh the potential
aggrevation  to your users?
The sites that have music generally have a button to turn the music
off, maybe they should have a button to turn the music on instead.


  • theswaynestertheswaynester Posts: 15subscriber
    I`m not a big fan of the music on websites, either.Especially when it`s that creepy, toy piano horror-movie background kind-of-stuff. Does the customer really get anything out of it? I believe it`s a relic of the early Internet days when more was always better.
  • VickiJVickiJ Posts: 6subscriber
    I don`t care for music on websites either. I think you run the risk of turning off potential customers who don`t have the same music preference as you do. When I worked in an office I drew a lot of attention when there was a sudden burst of loud music. I, personally, like sites that have the sounds of birds singing and other nature sounds but I don`t plan to put any sound on my site. Even they get annoying after a while.
  • SeafarerSeafarer Posts: 1subscriber
    Yeah, mostly I`d say don`t do it since it can really be annoying. 
    The only time that it adds to the site for me is when I visit the Shack-Up Inn`s site in Mississippi.  They are in the heart of Delta blues country, plus they`re pretty funky anyway, and it makes sense.
    Thanks, Sheila
  • marstonimarstoni Posts: 0subscriber
    I agree with the others, personally and professionally, music isn`t a good idea.  It just ends up frustrating more people rather than being "unique" and that is definitely not what you want to portray to your websites views.  It is also bad from a general website usability perspective.
  • RogerRoger Posts: 0subscriber
    Music on websites IS very annoying, I equate it to people who drive by with their car windows open and music blaring, even if it is your type of music, you are put off by the fact that you are being forced to listen to it.  For me personally, music on a website is a sure way for me to NEVER bookmark a site.  It is much more polite to include a link to listen to a sample or song.
  • LGS2003LGS2003 Posts: 1subscriber
    In the past, I assisted in the design of websites.  Should you decide to implement a website ensure the music meets the following criteria:
    - The music has a "sound off" option
    - Should you require individuals to log in to check messages etc...ensure that the music is NOT running in the module
    - If an online shopping experience, only have your music on the home page.  Online shopping sites are used for 1+ hrs per user and no one wants to listen to the Days of Our Lives theme song 1000 times!
  • RichRich Las Vegas, NVPosts: 636administrator Site Admin
    just to mix it up... be a little contrarian... i thought i`d provide a link to a site where music actually might make sense.
    the site was submitted to me as a candidate for a "Cool Company of the Day" in our blog... but didn`t make the cut... still, i think music can work in the most special situations... give a visit... or should i say, give a listen(!)...
  • SeafarerSeafarer Posts: 1subscriber
    Gee, thanks Rich, now I know that there`s a Beauty Bar opening in Austin (where I`m moving in a month) so I can prepare my wallet.
    And OK, the audio wasn`t THAT annoying on this site, and there`s a button so you can quickly turn it off.
    Thanks, Sheila
    PS  Will let you know if spending money there makes me beeyootiful.
  • WebJunkyWebJunky Posts: 8subscriber Member
    beauty lies in simplicity
    that said, some websites just call for it (i.e. celebrity websites, music band, etc)
  • garcarstivegarcarstive Posts: 0subscriber
    Before determining to add music on a web page one wants to think about some of the consequences that can happen. Including music is not always in the best attention of the company that is using it. Before posting any types music you should examine the copyright for the music.
  • jasonburtonjasonburton Posts: 0subscriber
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  • SarrahBlackSarrahBlack Posts: 0subscriber
    Personally don't think that it is appropriate. Unless it is Spotify or some specific website, put it away.

    Sarrah Black
  • SellingZeroesAndOnesSellingZeroesAndOnes Posts: 1subscriber
    Can't think of a single website I visit regularly in 2015 that has music playing. Maybe in the 90s but not in 2015. My advice is stay away from it.
  • AnkitJainAnkitJain Posts: 0subscriber
    Hey everyone,
    Stumbled upon this looking for details for a website that i am helping developing.

    I must say i agree to what most of have said about having music on the site. Too tacky. I think the only one i came across in 2015 was this Italian restaurant's website. Flamboyant owner, what you gonna do. he he

    The site we are developing however, is going to have a wide collection of classic and current Reggae music (streaming only, no downloads). Even though we are treading very carefully in terms of copyrights, release forms etc. as we would not want to repeat a Grooveshark, i was wondering if i can solicit some tips about what are the extra measures of care that can be taken... will help us think in a direction we might have skipped.

  • bonnetnoelbonnetnoel Posts: 0subscriber
    I think that the music on the websites are anoying
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