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waronpovertywaronpoverty subscriber Posts: 1
edited August 2010 in Elevator Pitches
Fund Raising For Veteran Live Work Loft Project

We're developing a program that allows veterans to own property and operate a business out of the same location without paying for two locations on a business start-up budget. We feel like by helping veterans develop businesses we're taking care of America's homeless problem, and its decreasing job market.

Under our program during the first five years, we will give the veteran a percentage of his/her mortgage back at the end of the year so that they can put that money back into their business.

The plan is to have 174 units in a 20 floor building with 5 floors of each unit. 50 1Bedroom Units with attached work loft, 45 2Bedroom Units, 40 3BRUs, & 40 4BRUS.

Start up capital goal is $5 million with the potential to go public within the second year of business.

Each year we will build new properties with the same number of units which will add to the companies bottom line.

Estimated Yearly Earnings
1st yr=$2,430,000
2nd yr=$4,860,000
3rd yr=$7,290,000
4th yr=$9,720,000
5th yr=$12,150,000

Estimated Monthly Earnings
1st yr= $202,500
2nd yr= $405,000
3rd yr= $607,500
4th yr= $810,000
5th yr= $1,012,500

Unit Sales Prices
1Bdr + WL= $204,000
2Bdr + WL= $360,000
3Bdr + WL= $432,000
4Bdr + WL= $480,000
(WL= Work Lofts)

Veteran Cash Back Projections
1Br= $200 per month, $2400 per year
2Br= $300 per month, $3600 per year
3Br= $400 per month, $4800 per year
4Br= $500 per month, $6000 per year

5 Year Veteran Cash Back Period
Based on one unit sales
1Br= $12,000
2Br= $18,000
3Br= $24,000
4Br= $30,000
Estimated Per Year Loan Amounts
Each new year loan will be used to build new units totaling the same number as the first years' units. $5M for the first year includes land purchase plus cost of construction. Every year after the first year Veteran Live Work Lofts will purchase land through revenues earned from previous sales.
1st yr = $5M
2nd yr = $4M
3rd yr = $4M
4th yr = $4M
5th yr = $4M
Our program focuses on fighting against two of America's largest problems at the moment, homelessness, and job loss. Our program operates to ensure the veteran is able to develop a sound successful business so that the business will continue to grow and therefore be able to hire more people.
If you believe in this program send all donation forms to:
Veteran Live Work Lofts
Audrey Simmons-founder
527 N Alexandria Ave
Apt 5
Los Angeles, Ca 90004
email: veteranliveworklofts@yahoo.com
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