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iTunes twist on Higher Education (website help)

Hello everyone, this is my first post and I hate to be needy before being a help but here it goes.
Idea: College level class lectures available for download.  College students and working professionals can purchase a college textbook (or use theirs from class) and follow along in online lectures that they download.
Benefits: Students that have a hardtime learning from their teachers can find instructors online that they understand.  Students that miss class can catch-up with just a download, and working professionals can catch up on newer technology without having to enrol in a whole course.
Background:  Individuals (not just instructors) can prepare lectures and download them to the site.  They are paid per-download.  Now people can actually get paid for information they posess, as instructors are rated and commented on, instructors will raise their game and produce better lectures.
Problems:  Some college professors may be unable to participate in this service, due to contracts, etc. with their institutions.
Roadblock:  I work as a Software Developer, but my webdesign skills are lacking.  I am in need of a partner to help be build the site.
Afterthoughts:  I would actually perfer to work with someone, rather then myself but do not know of any individualls that I can work with.  I would go with a paid-design service, but feel that the site is better built by the company (since it will definitly have to be maintained).
So I guess what I am looking for is a good place to look for a partner in this venture.  Or some direction that you may have for me.  I know that iTunes has an education service for free, but feel that there is much more flexibility with a web version (you don`t have to download software to browse lectures) and many schools will not let you download unless you are a student.  I am a big fan of keeping things OPEN.


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    guardiantrustguardiantrust subscriber Posts: 2
    Ok, so I`ve been contacted by 2 different people.  But neither has tried to contribute.  Still looking for a serious partner on this! 
    Anyone interested?
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    vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    The lectures will be in what format (written/PDF, Audio (mp3), and/or video)?
    What would you be providing from the website?
    - the text books
    - the lectures
    What features do you want for the site?
    - reviews of the lecture (by whom?)
    - pay per view/lecture or subscription ($xx per month - or subscription period)
    How do you anticipate getting the lectures?
    - allow uploads from people?
    - direct submission to you (for review first).
    - other
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    guardiantrustguardiantrust subscriber Posts: 2
    Format would be available in either mp3 if just recorded as audio, or mp3 and video formats : mp4 (ipod), wmv (windows), and maybe plain mpg.
    The primary role of the site would be to provide the lectures for download.  But other streams of revenue may be generated by linking to College book suppliers for students to purchase books.
    -Reviews of the lectures by those that have downloaded it only.
    -Pay per lecture.
    Aquire of lectures:
    -Lectures will need to come from the instructors.  They will need to poses the ability to record their lectures and compile them for upload.  The site may need a tutorial to help people with this task.
    -Due to time, instructors will have to be responsible for their own content.  "Report Abuse or Explicit content" button may be required.
    -Only instructors may upload their content.  If they are to be paid for their lectures, they need to be the one submitting it.
    I hope this answers your questions.
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