Hard to Find Steel website needs big time help

hardtofindsteelhardtofindsteel subscriber Posts: 1
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I am working on a website that my company had designed a long time ago and did nothing with. I would love to get some feedback on what needs to be changed structurally on the website in order to get better rankings this way I can request the changes that need to be made.
The website is http://www.hardtofindsteel.com
I look forward to all feedback. Your advice is greatly appreciated! 


  • stevewyrostekstevewyrostek subscriber Posts: 0
    You may want to spice it up with some pictures. Also, it`s left oriented. You may want to center it.
    I don`t think it needs that much unless you want to do a total revamp. The key, I think, is to view the site from your customer`s point of view- can they easily know and get what they want-
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