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GriffithCorpGriffithCorp subscriber Posts: 6
edited February 2009 in Veterans
The Homeland TV Network of The Griffith Corporation is focused on homeland security, counter-terrorism and our law enforcement men and women who do the heavy lifting on behalf of the American people.
Our channel takes pride in our support of our military men and women in uniform, and our Veterans who have served, because entrepreneurism and a free market economy is nothing without the security of our freedom and liberty as a nation.
As we continue to combat the threats of terrorism and the state sponsored enemies of the United States, we recognize the sacrifice of our military and the service they give each and every day. We recognize that more must be done to support our Veterans and that there is no reason why homeless and jobless Veterans exist in this country. The sad fact is that they do exist. And we need to recognize this shame on our national life and correct it.
As entrepreneurs and as Americans, we have a fundamental duty to support these men and women who have served and serve still. We need to do our part and make life better for our Veterans and our troops when they return from duty. We need to take an inventory of our own citizenship and recognize that the opportunities we have are a direct result of the service of our men and women in uniform. And we MUST afford our Veterans the same opportunities. It is a moral and national obligation.
-Will Griffith, Chairman
The Griffith Corporation
Homeland TV Network
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