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GoldMountainMiningGoldMountainMining subscriber Posts: 4
edited October 2006 in Website Critique
Thanks in advance for any critiques.  You will see a wide variety of items, but our target is custom trophy belt buckles.


  • LingLing subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi Greg,
    I looked at your site and have a few thoughts for you.  1st - your link in your SuN signature has an extra space in it so it doesn`t take you to your site.  Doesn`t that always happen? 
    I think it`s difficult to see the products with the dark background.  How does it look with a white background? 
    You have some very detailed photos that seem to get lost in the noise.  Maybe you could have a 400 px by 400 px image show on mouseover.  It`s pretty easy to implement.  
  • GoldMountainMiningGoldMountainMining subscriber Posts: 4
    Signature fixed!  Thanks, Ling.
    Since we have had our site up (2001) we have had mostly positive comments about the black background of our site.  But do get the ocassional rabid comment for someone who really doesn`t like it.  I will appreciate hearing back from out SUNners about this.  I am open to a re-design at some point but definitely want to avoid the cookie-cutter look that, to me at least, is the risk of using a white background.
    Can you elaborate on what you mean by this?  >>"You have some very detailed photos that seem to get lost in the noise." 
  • LingLing subscriber Posts: 1
    Well, it sounds like black is your signature color and it`s working well for you.You have beautifully detailed photos like this one: belt buckle.  But from the large list of items, a user has to click several times to get to the photo.A really nice effect is the "image enlarge on mouseover" on thumbnail photos.  eBay just recently added this their thumbnail photos.  You can see it in action on this page when you  move your mouse over the text "link1" and "link 2".  image effect   It`s just a few lines of code.
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