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Although we employ a number of non-family employees in our retail
store, I just hired our first non-family employee to work side-by-sid
with myself and my wife in our niche, the website. 

I will appreciate a discussion about any and all topics you good folks
might think relevant as we move forward.  I want to establish a
great culture that we can feed on as we continue our 100% a year growth
into the future.  What`s relevant right now, however, is that the
Xmas Feeding Frenzy is about to start, when order volume triples. 
I don`t want Tammy to feel too overwhelmed too quickly.

All thoughts appreciated!


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    I want to ensure that a "world of understandings and expectations" is instilled from the get-go.  When you start a journey, so much is dependent on which of the 10,000 available paths is chosen. 
    Operations on a day-to-day basis are so frenzied that I don`t want it to seem we are always in survival mode.  I want it to be clearly known understood at a fundamental level that our business is about more than just getting through the day.  How to do this is where I believe I can use some guidance.  While I understand the power of "showing by example" I am open to any other suggestions.
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    Thanks very much, Craig.  I see the value in a P&P Manual and
    appreciate your perspective of "reading such information in the privacy
    of their own space." 

    I have attempted many times in the past year to codify in writing our
    procedures and, really, it`s a gigantic project.  Didn`t get
    through half of it.  I think, however, after reading your
    suggestion, that I can be okay leaving the Procedures module to
    hands-on training but nevertheless assemble a nice Policies document
    that will crystallize "they way we do things." 

    As we continue growing, I think, we will be able to justify staff time
    assembling the Procedures module.  Heck, I deserve at least some sleep each night, don`t I?!
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