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Attn: Women of Startupnation

googleguygoogleguy subscriber Posts: 47 Bronze Level Member
edited August 2008 in Website Critique
My partner and I have taken on a new client www.holobi.com. We would like to solicit the honest opinions of the women of Startupnation. As two guys, we could sure use your insight into this site.
We are most interested in:

In your opinion, what is this site about?

Did you find the site attractive?

Was the site easy to navigate?

How would you improve this site?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!!!!

googleguy8/2/2008 9:22 PM


  • VideographyVideography subscriber Posts: 401 Silver Level Member
    OK, if a guy who hates shopping for clothes (me) can get it (the site concept), then you have made a good start on the site.But, since the site is aimed at the ladies, their input means a lot more than mine.Now if the site could help me buy clothes for my wife for birthday or christmas, then I`ll use it!
  • stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    I want to try it but the page after i click profile creation says page not found.. looks fun.. I am hourglass and want to see what that does. I am a horrible shopper and can pick an outfit from a display but by myself... it is no fun.. this looks like it may help! The site looks clean and uncluttered which is nice.
  • googleguygoogleguy subscriber Posts: 47 Bronze Level Member
    Thank you very much for all the replies!
    Just to let everyone know, we took this account on to help them improve the quality of their website. One key aspect to improving the site was to get honest feedback on the curent state of the existing layout, content, usability etc...This forum is a great way for us to conduct a "focus group" if you will.
    We will be sharing all of your comments with the owners of the site to help make decisions on the direction we take for improvement. 
    PLEASE....any feedback, good, bad and ugly is very helpful!!!!


  • googleguygoogleguy subscriber Posts: 47 Bronze Level Member
    Thank you very much Mary!!!! We appreciate the comments


    googleguy8/5/2008 10:59 PM
  • kathleenfasanellakathleenfasanella subscriber Posts: 0
    I think you did a fabulous job on the site. It`s not something I`d use tho. I really just don`t care that much about clothes (I enjoy making them tho!). I know there`s lots of businesses doing this and it always strikes me as kind of odd...don`t women know this already? However, the personal consults interest me, having someone with a fresh eye to go shopping with me. They`re not in my area tho.
  • googleguygoogleguy subscriber Posts: 47 Bronze Level Member
    Thank you for your honest opinions kathleenfasanella!
    We appreciate it!

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