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Web Outsourcing Company Seeking Investor

googleguygoogleguy subscriber Posts: 47 Bronze Level Member
edited May 2009 in Growth Funding
We have been in business since 2007 servicing the small to medium sized business market in web development. In 2008 we began losing a large portion of our work to overseas companies in India, Pakistan the Phillipines etc..
In order to compete and remain profitable we searched for a solution. Some of the main issues with sending work overseas is time differences, language barriers, inneficent systems and the lack of customer service.
Since we are located in Southern California, we began to look at Mexico as an option. We began farming work to developers in Northern Mexico in late 2008. We were very surprised at the level of understanding and competence demonstrated by Mexican developers. The hourly rate for developers is 60 - 70%  less than an equally qualified US based developer with similar skill sets. We opened a development office in Tijuana, Mexico in January 2009.
We currently have a staff of 10 full time developers, designers and programmers. We are unable to keep up with demand. Our main advantage in the marketplace is cost! We also offer several other key benefits compared to competitors overseas:
No language barriers, most of our staff are fluent english speakers
No time difference, our west coast clients have 0 time differential.
High Level Work, our programmers are experts not students.
Excellent Service, we have staff dedicated to customer service.
I started the company, financed its growth to this point and now would like to take it to yet another level. The company is pre-incorporation and equity positions are available. ROI would be outstanding.
Looking to raise between 100 and 200K
If you are interested in technology and the web based service industry, send me a private message. Thanks for reading.
googleguy5/12/2009 12:05


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