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What is Affiliate Marketing?

googleguygoogleguy subscriber Posts: 47 Bronze Level Member
The concept behind Affiliate marketing is simple....other websites will send vistiors to your site through the use of display ads, banners, text links etc....
Why would they do this? to make money of course. Here is how it works.
Let`s say you have a website dedicated to travel. You want people to see the great site you designed and the terrific travel offers your site can provide. You can give any other website owner a chance to display an ad on their site that promotes and more importantly, links to your site.
Anytime a visitor is referred to your site from theirs, you pay them a commission. Or even better, you can set it up so that you will pay them ONLY when that visitor purchases a travel package. There are many ways to pay affiliates, PPC, PPA, PPI are just some. So how do you find affiliates?
There are many Affiliate marketing services available. Some are complex networks with thousands of affiliate offerings, I suggest you do your homework to find the right service for your business. Here are a few sites that can help:
Commission Junction


Click Bank


Link Share


You can also become an affiliate for someone else. By displaying an ad for another website, you can start earning money on the traffic your website generates.
Of course, I could write a book about Affiliate Marketing. I hope this helps start a discussion on how others have used it and some of their feedback.
Best of luck and......GO GET IT!!!!



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    VideographyVideography subscriber Posts: 401 Silver Level Member
    I had this question awhile back, looked it up, and ended up with a
    question: What differentiates affiliate marketing from paid advertising?
    Not much.  In my case, as a photographer and videographer, I will offer affiliate linking to my strategic associates.  All I expect from them is a link to my site.  They don`t do photography and videography, and I don`t do their job.  We work together for the same pool of clients.I don`t think that I will ever take paid advertising, but then my site is specialized to my somewhat limited services. 
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