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Live chat...Increasing Website Conversion

googleguygoogleguy subscriber Posts: 47 Bronze Level Member
We are constantly searching for ways to increase our clients website conversion rates. We recently have added a live chat feature to certain websites and I thought I would share the info with the SUN readers.
Live chat, does exactly that, allows you to chat live with website visitors. The web is a funny place, anyone can search for anything in complete anonymity....and they love it. But what about when they are really, truly, looking for answers?
Adding live chat to certain websites, when it makes sense, can really help conversion. Imagine being able to have a real-time conversation with someone interested in your product or service at the exact moment they are interested in it. It can be extremely powerful. An attorney client of ours has been able to increase the amount of cases he files because he can answer questions about a serious matter and help someone fill a need without having to read 10 pages of online content.
Let`s face it, most people are simply looking for answers and if you can do that in a fast, convenient manner, will only help you convert more of your website traffic to actual clients.
You can even be proactive. Many systems allow you to send a message to visitors inviting them to chat with you. We have this on our site and have seen an increase in business in the short time we have been using it.
The software we use also allows us to see real-time visitors to our site, how they found us and what page of our site they are on.....It`s a little creepy, but when you combine that with analytics, it`s pretty powerful.
Is anyone else using live chat? Tell us about your experiences.


googleguy8/15/2008 10:12 PM


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    SapnaSapna subscriber Posts: 16 Bronze Level Member

    I am using Cisco Chat software for live chat. It is the best way to communicate with the customer instantly or answer their queries as well. With the live chat software, customers feel a personalized connection with the businesses. That's why it helps a lot to increase the website's conversion rate.

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