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hafoolhafool subscriber Posts: 2
I am looking for a company to buy wholesale from and then sell on ebay. I found this one wholesaler distributor from
China at and I want to know if anyone here has bought from them before or if anyone knows anything
about them? I was thinking about trying some of the lighters they sell, and are
these lighters ok to sell on ebay?


  • proactive1proactive1 subscriber Posts: 1
    I think eBay will be just fine despite all their problems of late. This thread prompted me to read an S&P Report that I have access to. They say eBay has a strong balance sheet but faces notable competition. Well, I wouldn`t bet against eBay right now. In any event, S&P goes on to say that even though strategic decisions and management changes have been disappointing at times, they still like the stock. It`s currently trading around $15 with S&P`s 12-month target price outlook set at $23.
    From a marketing perspective, the idea of buying wholesale and then selling on eBay as a start-up seems archaic -- I don`t know, maybe that`s just me...
    hafool, check out Build A Niche Store. This may be of interest to you.
  • jg42122jg42122 subscriber Posts: 1
    You should try That is our specialty the directory has over 1000 wholesale sites and we give you a free website.jg421221/7/2009 4:26 AM
  • proactive1proactive1 subscriber Posts: 1
    You certainly raise some valid points and plenty of reasons for me to be bearish on eBay.
    From a user perspective as a seller of musical instruments, I could not be happier. Keep in mind that I never sold a thing on eBay prior to 2008. I think therefore my concept of "Back in the day on eBay." is somewhat skewed. Well, more like uninformed so, thanks for the insight.
    Should be interesting to see what develops for eBay going forward.
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