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~ please critique my site ~

GrantGrant subscriber Posts: 1
edited April 2007 in Website Critique
If you have any critiques on the site please feel free to post. Thanks!
Site: www.autooptic.com</A>


  • ChuckChuck subscriber Posts: 6
    I`d get away from having the scrolling frames for text (main text block and navigation on the right).
  • GrantGrant subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi Grant I took a look (Firefox 1.x, Windows PC). Since I`m not in the after market and have no clue what HID means, I had no real interest in the site. On a generic level, though, I suspect that the small white font on the black background is going to be hard on anyone`s eyes. If you subscribe to the view that a Web page should be mostly scannable, in that most people only scan through a page in 4 seconds, this page isn`t scannable. So I would assume you don`t subscribe to that view. There are quite a number of learned articles demonstrating this principle, but perhaps in the HID field it`s not true.Overall the page looks quite nice. I like the black background and gold lettering. It looks cool, high-tech, and professional. What I`d probably do is set the text areas to a much lighter background and use black typeface. You could use table cell background images to have a sort of textured "paper" look for the cells, then put your content over that.Beyond that, I can`t say much as I don`t understand the product.
    Hello Craig,
    Thanks for the input, but i don`t under stand what you mean by if the page is scannable? can you explain it little more?
  • GrantGrant subscriber Posts: 1
    Hello Steve,
    Thanks for the suggestion, haha most likely the grid pattern will be gone on the next udpate.
    for chuck - why is the scrolling frame not good for the site?
    n thanks Nikole for following up
  • EmilyPEmilyP subscriber Posts: 0
    Grant, there are many things I like about your site, and just a couple aesthetic things I might consider changing in the update. What I like: *the color scheme makes the site look high tech (like CraigL mentioned)*the layout - I think it is simple, and easy to navigate around*the content overall sounds professional and I get the impression that you really know what you`re talking about*the HID 101 page - I found it helpful since before looking at your site, I had no idea what HID was/meantWhat I might consider changing:*the scroll box on the home page at the top - this format is not very readable or scannable*the grid background - I find it somewhat distracting*if possible, I might make the font a uniform size... the top boxes on each part of your site have a smaller font, which makes it harder to readHope this helps, and overall, very nice!
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