Newbie Entrepreneur needs HELP!

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First time poster here, I wonder if this board is even alive? :p

I need some advice, so I figure asking strangers would be my best bet.

I ran into a 'nerd' who wants me to sell car alarm systems he produces himself for roughly $300, while I rake in $100 per unit.

The alarm sends an sms to the owners mobile if the car door opens, or the car engine starts without the owners consent.
The system also feeds a gps location of the car at any time should the owner need to locate it for any reason. The unit
itself is the size of a small mobile phone and can be hidden anywhere.

Lastly should the owner feel the need to, he/she can cut the engine, the power within 5 minutes all from their mobile phone.
Thiefs beware!

What do you guys think? Is this worth my while? Can anyone reccomend some books to read up on? Should I distribute this unit?

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