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Has anyone heard of Primerica (parent company Citigroup)

LilBitLilBit subscriber Posts: 1
edited October 2006 in Thought Leadership
I have am wondering if any one has worked as an agent with this company. There is a good amount of hype about this company. There is a commission program and it sounds like a lot of hard work but rewarding. The idea is that the agents go to people create a Financial Needs Assesment. Then tries to sell them life insurance and tries to help with their debt by finding the best options for that client. My concern is finding enough clients willing to buy the insurance or willing to reconsolidate. I have checked them out with the BBB and with State Insurance web site for GA. The GA office is a BBB member and the office has active license for selling life insurance in the state of GA. I want to hear from some who has tried to work this company to see what is going on. I don`t want to take the word of this one agent.  Any response is greatly appreciated. LilBit2006-9-17 21:17:18


  • LilBitLilBit subscriber Posts: 1
    Thank You for the response. I was looking at some way to get comfortable with being a self-starter. I am not sure this is what I want. I am looking at as many options as possible. I graduate from grad school in a year. I am looking at starting my own business as a personal trainer, but I am not sure that it is a good investment in this area. I have been looking at the types of grants that are available and got a few other ideas. I am curious, what is it that you do now?
  • LilBitLilBit subscriber Posts: 1
    Yes it seems like a pyramid set up. You have to create a base of people to earn more money. That is one of the reasons that lead me to post in this forum. Another reason was seeing how many people obtained a temporay insurance license through Primerica in my state and never went on to a permenant license. Some of the temporary licenses date back to a decade ago. I started to wonder if this was so great of an opportunity why are there so many expired temporary licenses an no where near as many permenant ones? LilBit2006-9-20 11:40:38
  • brahmabillbrahmabill subscriber Posts: 0
    The way Primerica works, is to get people involved who do NOT know the industry, so they can feed the bullsh*t in leaps and bounds, and actually start to believe Primerica is good. I was involved in this cult for a few month`s until I sat back and took a good look at what they actually do, and at that time I left, as I did not my reputation to be destroyed by this company. I have seen what they do to people, and how their actions and advise, has financially cripple families.  The lady That sucked me in to this cult, was introduced to me by my daughter, and it was this lady who sold the investments to my daughter. After going through the "training", I came to realize wht a crock of bullsh*t this is, and I now have the enjoyable task of rebuilding my daughters investments. This will not be done by any one involved with Primerica.
    I went through their training, and passed my provincial exam, only to find out, the requirments form primerica seemed to be changing, so I could not get my Primerica licence. My trainer loved this, as the *itch made a lot of money off me, and left a very sour taste in my mouth along with any ones I introduced to her.
    My advice to you, is if any one from Primerica calls you, advise them you wish to be left alone, and if they call again, call the police and report them as a stalker. If you talk to them once, they will not leave you alone, JUST LIKE A STALKER 
  • theswaynestertheswaynester subscriber Posts: 15 Bronze Level Member
    This is really disappointing.I was reading a book that, not by name, indicated that Primerica was a good part-time business for people who would like to be financial advisers. I could use some extra money. Plus, I thought, I`d love to talk to people about investing, insurance, and getting out of debt. Then, I decided I`d check my buds at StartUp Nation and knew I`d get the true scoop.Which I appreciate.Why am I disappointed? Why do they need to do this? If you have great financial products, you don`t have to resort to pyramid schemes. You would have millions of missionaries out there attracting new customers and new agents.Sad.Anyways, thanks for this thread.
    The Swaynesters
  • brahmabillbrahmabill subscriber Posts: 0
    I hope this helped in your search for part time income. The way this is set up, you would work full time to get less than part time wages. Yould probably make more money at MacDonalds for the first year or two unless you have no morals, and don`t care who, and how many people you screw over. All the people I met through Primerica, would screw over their own grandmother to make a nickle, and I am sorry, but I have a lot more morals than that
  • brahmabillbrahmabill subscriber Posts: 0
    In reply to thewaynester. If you are looking to get rich from Primerica, take out a twenty dollar bill, roll it up, and set it on fire. What you have left, is what you will make at Primerica for the first seven years. Their big thing is, and they say this more than once, it takes up to seven years to make RVP, where the real money is. Waht they don`t tell you is, up to that point, you have to be sure you want to live in poverty.
    Yes there will be some people who say they made a lot of money in the first few years, but from what I have found on most of these forum sights, I can count on one hand the people who brag they made a lot of money within the first five years. So if you figure out the number of NEW reps they sucker in every day, and the number of victims they need daily to survive, the demand for new clients, far outshines the supply. Worst case scenario, is they suck in all your family as "clients", who then get totally pissed at you for the advise given to them by Primerica. Best case scenario, is they leave your family alone. At least then your family won`t hate you. I have seen what there advise has done, lost me a lot of cash, but at least I got the hell out before I lost any more dignity.
     I will not let anyone tell me that Primerica will do wonders for me, unless their definition of wonders is, "we will take you money , invest it and lose money for you". Hell I can do that easily enough by throwing it out the window. I would much rather give it to my bottom feeding ex wife, before I give another dime to Primerica.
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