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ad "Interactive chat" to your web site

GlennjaminGlennjamin subscriber Posts: 1
Hi Guys, I`m helping a new startup called Upsellit.com, that has a neat technology called SMARTAgent, basically it`s an automated IM agent that`s "chats" to your customers about your products and services, in the save-a-sale mode, it will launch when someone abandon your site or the shopping cart, and try`s to engage the customer in a chat about the product or service and bring them back to the site and it works, SMARTAgent brings back around 20% that abandon, and converts between 4-22% into new sales based on the product and the scripting you choose, if you have alot of traffic it can be an enormous increases in sales, and here`s the best part, it`s performance based, Upsellit only gets paid on the sales it makes, it`s a no brainer for most people, it`s a great concept, it works and the guys who run it are the best, check it out


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    NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    Hello Gleenjamin,I`ve tried using something similar to SmartAgent, The company that created that is www.subjex.com</A>, There are a few down falls to using the Smart Agent, 1. you have to train it, which is going to take hours and hours of training. You can leave it on Learning mode and have it learn on it`s own but the truth of the fact is doesn`t generate new sales or leads.. I would only work if you had technical support and might want to have that running along with your Ticket System. I really don`t see the purpose for it. I think an About, Products, and Services Page is fine enough. Rarely do people want to read the about us page other than to get a phone number where you can be reached. I would invest on a real system like liveperson, where you are actually on the other end helping your customers. Another thing is, if you don`t train the system to respond in a certain manner in a certain situation, it will return something like "I am not trained to speak about that," and it send them to an email and phone number page. I don`t see the purpose... Its expensive too..
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    GlennjaminGlennjamin subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks for the feedback, SMARTAgent is a bit different it learns the responses and is very life like, as an example across the board we are bring back to e-tailers sites around 22% of the people who abandon, and depending on the scripting, product etc etc, are converting between 4-26% into a sale of some sort, so etaileers with big traffic this is an enormous gain, and much more efficient than live agents, just the cost of running a live call center makes it impossible to offer responsive chats........... I`ll check out the company you mention thank you for that, another interesting snippit IM or Chat is the fastest growing form of communication, faster than cell phones etc etc, it`s booming especially with the younger generation, you see them chatting with dozens of friends completely unfazed.... its really the next step in reaching out the the e-tailing customer......thanks for taking the time to write I appreciate it.
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