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Hello All

SiouxzanneSiouxzanne subscriber Posts: 5
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Hello Everyone,

I just found SuN today and very excited to join. I an not sure what to say but here goes. I am a creative person who has dreamed of starting her own line of unique, fun and funky handbags. I consider myself an artist who expresses herself through handbags. (I have had people stop in there cars and ask where I got my bag.). Although I work in the escrow/title business to pay the bills (not that it is paying many right now!!) this is not what I want or dream of doing. I could go on and on but I will not. Lets just say that I am happy to be here and hope that I with SuNs help I will achieve my dream.


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    SiouxzanneSiouxzanne subscriber Posts: 5
    This is my vision for the future. I will have a design studio / showroom / office. A great space that is fun to work in. (I have it already designed in my head and on paper – That’s my Interior Design Degree kicking in.) I will have a 3 bedroom house in a beach community, light and airy with a Koi pond. ( Not sure why the Koi pond but it is there in my vision.) I will have my custom painted convertible Mini Cooper. I will have either two French Bulldogs or 2 Golden Retrievers (They will come to the office with me too.)

    There is sub text to this. I also see this future with a awesome space that combines the design studio etc with my living space. I would to take a old unique building an convert it into a all in one space. Foe example there is this great building that I drive by when I go into Downtown LA. It is just off the freeway. It is a old brick warehouse building. I can just see it with the first 2 floors being business related and the floors above as a great living space. I would love to take a old building that has personality and convert it.

    I would also work with young girls about low self esteem and self confidence issues. I let them cripple me for so long that I got a degree in Interior Design that I never used because I did not have the confidence to.

    But I know in my heart and my gut that I have the talent and the smarts to achieve anything I want.

    Sorry this is so long. Hey but you asked.

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    SiouxzanneSiouxzanne subscriber Posts: 5
    This is my thinking for now. First I have to say that I have a budget of less than Zero but I have creativity of 10 so I am hoping that it will balance out. My timeline goals for right now are - I will have a page on MySpace by the end of the year. (Hey it is free and a place I can send people to look at my work.). A page that is only dedicated to my business, like a add page. It will have pictures and contact information. I am starting off my business as doing custom ordered bags, etc. I would like to have my own webpage by end of next year. Between that time I will be working on doing a show at a local well established Art Fair. I would like to have a good amount of items made for the fair. But I am not the type to cram a booth full of poorly made items just to fill it. I have a brother in law who is a photographer and has express an interest in selling some of his is work. I am thinking we could get a booth together and split it. I am also working on getting my product in a wedding magazine. I have collected the contact information for about 35 – 40 regional wedding magazines. I am working on a mailer to send out to them. My goal with this is to have a bag photographed in a layout or a blurb mentioned in their "Look What We Found" type section. I would like to have this happen in the next six months. I am really working on the design of this mailer. I have to keep it in my budget range but make it stand out so that they stop and actual look at it instead of just throwing it in the circular bin. (Luckily I have a sister who is a graphic designer and is helping me. I am not bad myself in this field but she refines it for me.) I just made a new contact at my day job that I am excited about. This coworkers best friend is a well known high end wedding photographer in the "Beverly Hills" community. She has told me if I make up a bag she could get her friend to use it in one of her spreads. (Score!!!)
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    JalenJalen subscriber Posts: 0
    I think you have quite a plan there. And you have a sister and a friend who can jump start your business a fair bit. Good for you. Surely you can show us some sample if possible? I will love to see you take off!
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