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Unique Charity Forum Idea

GIJoeGIJoe subscriber Posts: 3
edited April 2008 in Selecting a Business
So I think I have a unique idea, one that caters to peoples desire to help and also provides a service at the same time.
The idea is a forum, like this (although I like VBulletin), centered around charity. There would be a few sub forums on the site, each dealing with a different area. Environmentalism, feeding the hungry,  adoption and such. The site will raise funds for a different charity each month that users vote on. Then the winning charity gets it own, top spot forum for discussion. People can donate if they want, with a little goal bar at the top.
The catch is that you must pay to post on the site. Nothing major, like $1-$5 per month, or a nickel per post, with the money used through posting going towards the charity.
Instead of donating directly to a group, you now have a community of like minded people where you use the power of large groups to donate money and have fun posting online.
Companies could even sponsor a forum.
I would keep a small percent to run the site (probably not to much needed), and , make money though advertisements on the site.
Thoughts, comments, critiques.


  • GIJoeGIJoe subscriber Posts: 3
    I quickly set up a free forum using a free host and free software. Set-up was automatic, then you customize it yourself. They use PHPBB though, not VBulletin. I like it though.
    I`ll use this to test a market for it, market it through FaceBook, MySpace and other social networks. Once I have a few members I plan to sent out press releases and contact various news sources about the site, as well as get a dedicated server to host this on with its own unique domain name.
    For those who think I`m being horrible by taking a small cut, as the numbers increase, I`ll be taking a smaller cut. Most of the cut I take is going to be used to start-up other business that have charitable goals. I`ve always thought it would be great to have a company that takes homeless men, gives them a chance and changes their lives.
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