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Need help with logistics

ggallucciggallucci subscriber Posts: 4 Member
I am starting an ecommerce (clothing) business and need information on logistics. Many of our products will be coming from abroad in small quantities so I am looking for resources on how to ship, warehouse and distribute (order fulfillment) in a cost effective way. 


  • nevadasculnevadascul subscriber Posts: 3 Member
    One thing to keep in mind is time delays when bring product in form overseas.  It can sometimes take months for a shipment to make it all the way through the Customs inspections and delays.  I did business with an American company that out sourced their manufacturing to a plant in Asia.  Their lead time on replacement parts was 3 months.  I had the same problem with other companies who`s main suppliers were located outside the U.S.  You therefore have to keep enough on hand inventory to compensate for these delays.
    As far as shipping and order filling, there are many 3rd party (3PL) warehousing operations you can contract with.  You have your product sent to their warehouse. They store your product in their warehouse until you send an order for them to fill.  They take care of pulling and shipping the order.  You can also insist they send the order out with your packing list.
  • mangozillamangozilla subscriber Posts: 1
    I worked with a small company that provided  3PL services, and while I`m normally a do-it-yourself-er, my experience taught me that it`s generally worthwhile to rely on experienced importers.  There are lots of restrictions on imports, and when you can have a "known shipper" handle processes for you, the lead times can be more reliable.  These services with their own contracted customs broker (often outsourced by the 3PL company) are experienced, can handle the documentation and logistics, and can help prevent or minimize customs hang-ups.  If you can find a fulfillment house close to you, you`ll be better able to manage quality control, as opposed to warehousing everything on the opposite coast from you.  If you do a search on "fulfillment services", logistics, and 3PL in your area, you`ll probably be able to find someone who can help.  The right outfit should be able to handle the import, warehousing, and distribution (or any of the individual components) for you.  Your local UPS or FedEx hub is likely to know of such companies.
  • learnersguidelearnersguide subscriber Posts: 25 Bronze Level Member

    First things first, as per the country you will be importing your products from, you must clearly know all the rules and regulations for it to come at the right costs. Also, while you wish to own an e-commerce firm, you must have well thought on how to deliver goods to your customers. To reduce unnecessary costs and efforts, I would recommend choosing a trustworthy logistics park company will help you provide the best customer experience in less effort.

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