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startup company, financially secure, marketing not working...

HotSpotsHotSpots subscriber Posts: 1
edited December 2008 in Marketing

A year or more ago, I started on this website and noticed my account was deleted.  I guess I didn’t log in for several months. However, I have created a new account and need some help.

I started a high speed wireless internet company.  We provide, you got it, high speed wireless internet, to neighborhoods, malls, restaurants, race parks, cities, campgrounds, etc.

We are financially secure, we have business; however, we are running into a slump lately. We have deployed high speed wireless internet at several neighborhoods and mobile home parks and aren’t getting the customer base we would like to see.  At the apartment complexes and campgrounds we are seeing 80% of the residence on our networks.

Here is our marketing strategy so far:


The day we turn up services at a location, we walk around and hand out a tri-fold brochure that tells about the company and what we offer.  This brochure includes a special code, which gives the users 1 week free internet access to test our services.


1 week after we hand out the brochures we pass out flyers, telling about our services and giving 1 week free internet service.


1 week later we have a block party and invite all the residence to meet the people behind the company, allows people to put a face with a name.

So far we are seeing NOTHING from these campaigns.  We are doing everything the marketing GURU’s tell us to do, but nothing comes of it.

We offer the same speeds as the large telco or cable companies and our packages are 50-70% less than the telco or cable companies. 

We have a great customer support team; we try to personally be available for our customers.  The customers we have now are 100% happy with our services and their experience. How do we attract people that already have high speed internet through the telco or cable co.  Especially from a company you have not heard of?

I would prefer not to give our company name or site address out, as I don’t like the cached pages from the search engines. So what are your thoughts?


HotSpots12/24/2008 1:53 PM


  • vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    I`m a little confused... you said you`re seeing 80% of the people on your network?
    Does that mean 80% of the people sign-up for your service or you talk to 80% of the people.
    If 80% sign-up... that seems like a good market penetration.
    Have you followed up with the people that have not signed-up? Asked why they haven`t?
    I would think that would be important information to gather.
    You mentioned - campgrounds, race parks...etc. Compared to apartments I imagine the people are in and out a lot... not permanent. So, the week or two you give away, is all they need. And/or maybe campground people do not have computers or fewer of them have computers. Or maybe "wireless" is not a technology they can use or know how to use ( more desktop versus laptop computers)?
    VS the telco or cable companies? - what makes you different? Why should I sign up with you?
    Obviously, price is a factor. Here again, feed back from the target market is important. Maybe people do not switch because it is a pain in the butt to do... or just because they are lazy?
    Bundling services works - I worked for a utility company many years ago... when the "deregulation" craze was happening. At the time, the strategy was to offer new services to existing customers - bundled services. The idea was, one bill - one provider for multiple services.... and once people signed up people would most likely NOT switch away. Because it was more convenient for them to have one provider and one bill.  We spun off a company which I headed, that brought dial-up internet access (high speed was just a dream back then) to areas not previously served and sold alarm systems.  It worked.
    I left the company and moved on...then the free internet phase hit (Netzero, etc) where people could get (dial-up) internet for free! Oops, there went the market.
  • HotSpotsHotSpots subscriber Posts: 1
    You know, you are absolutely right.  We take time to explain who we are "the people behind the company," what we have to offer, but not really ever taking the time to explain what high speed wireless internet access is.
    Good point, I need to address that issue.
  • HotSpotsHotSpots subscriber Posts: 1



    Let me explain; at the campgrounds and apartment complexes we generally see 80% of the residence as customers.  This is because the owners of such properties push our services heavily.


    Believe it or not, campers and campgrounds really have a need for this amenity. We don`t give away the 1 week free internet access at campgrounds. For all of our areas of coverage, we offer 1 hour, 6 hour, 1 day, 1 week and 1 month packages. This makes it convenient for people to sign up, that only need to check their email or pay bills online.


    But you are right, we still only explain about us as a company, and about our services, but never what our service is........Time to revamp our marketing material.


  • HotSpotsHotSpots subscriber Posts: 1
    We have tried that.  That was the particular purpose of our block party, provide free food, but we had two laptops there and that was my job all day, signing people up, walking them through the motions, and answering all the questions the users had.

    We had 25 people sign up, but not 1 person has used their free account since that day.  We gave away a free iPod and to enter for the iPod, you had to sign up for a free 1 week trial and fill out a survey.
    Of course, this was a mobile home park we are talking about.  What we found was most people have a desktop computer without a wireless card, but I have a solution, that would replace their cable modem, to connect to us wirelessly. I just have to get the word out about that aspect.
    Keep em coming, you are really helping me out, and I appreciate your time and responses.
  • vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40

    utxjohn, Of course, this was a mobile home park we are talking about.  What we found was most people have a desktop computer without a wireless card, but I have a solution, that would replace their cable modem, to connect to us wirelessly. I just have to get the word out about that aspect.    Ah ha......Or maybe "wireless" is not a technology they can use or know how to use ( more desktop versus laptop computers)?{from Vwebworld post}   vwebworld12/25/2008 6:33 PM
  • HotSpotsHotSpots subscriber Posts: 1
    However, the users do have high speed internet through a cable company they hate (well 20 out of the 25 people that signed up this past weekend, stated they hated the cable co), I provide high speed internet, just wireless and more affordable. 
    Take this for instance.  For high speed cable, you need a cable modem, well if you dont have a laptop or desktop with a wireless card, and want to use my network for internet, you would basically need a wireless modem (not really a modem, but you get the idea).
    Same concept, just wireless, and on my network.
    I have to find a way to appeal to people with computers, rather it be desktop or laptop.  I think the advice you all have given has helped, and gets me a starting point. Funny thing, we listened to all the marketing gurus, did what they tell us, and we are no better off.  You would think, someone would have mentioned, exactly what you all have mentioned here.
    HotSpots12/25/2008 7:00 PM
  • HotSpotsHotSpots subscriber Posts: 1



    Awesome point.  I will have my daughter take a look around the site tonight and let me know what she thinks. 


    Also, I am very passionate about my business, I have a lot of personal time and money at stake, but more so, technology fascinates me!


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