whats the difference

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what are the major differences between LLCs and SCorps?


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    Hey there, I never heard back.. about RHV. If you want it, let me know. PM me when you can.As for the differnce here some info.
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    Good info and a nice chart. If I may add a couple of points.
    S corp ownership is pretty much restricted to US individual because shares cannot be owned by owned by C corps, other S corps, Most trusts, LLC`s or partnerships. Also, S corps may not have shareholders who are nonresident aliens.
    Distribution of results (profit/loss) in an S corp must be in the "ratio" of ownership. An LLC does not have this restriction.
    LLC`s fall under partnership tax law - which has it`s own set of unique "features".
    Since Corporation`s have been around far longer than LLC`s there exists a plethora of precedence in the law - whereas the LLC is fairly new.
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