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point of frustration



  • mstaplesmstaples subscriber Posts: 2
    A company that will match you with investors for $59 is something of a scam, but it`s still the smallest amount I`ve seen asked for a similar "service".  I`ve been incorporated for over a year and have been asked to pay fees in the range of $120 - $3000 and up.  I was once asked to pay $10,000 in order to cover an "interested investor"s due diligence fees, with no term sheet on the table (I declined all such offers).
    There is a secondary economy attached to the entrepreneur phenomenon and it is a chaotic mixture of facilitator and parasite.  My advice is to not trust any service which can`t demonstrate its worth without a down payment. 
    The social networking services are what they are: do not expect them to find investors for you, however, they are opportunities to show off the virtues of your business to potential investors and facilitators.  It is up to you to judge which of these sites have audiences whose readership warrants your funds.
    Good luck with your venture!
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