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New Hot Disruptive Tech Company Assistance

ylluminateylluminate subscriber Posts: 1
edited November 2008 in Startup Funding
We have a very exciting new company that is social networking centric and is a very disruptive technology.  We`re currently in discussions with some strong potential candidates for funding, however we`d like to cover our bases and keep our options open as we`re suffering the "little red hen" syndrome at the moment.  We are very early stage and most folks are telling us to come back after we`ve developed the application out to a point where they "touch and feel" it.
Our dilemma is such that an initial small development is not a possibility.  We`re seeking a relatively substantial amount of money that is fringe angel/VC level, which adds some additional issues.We`ve been tempted to fund it ourselves (read: loans), but frankly the past year of development has drained us and that type of funding is not really an option for us right now.Again, we`d very much like to network out and would even be interested in teaming up with someone with the appropriate resources and experience that could broker a deal for us.  We`re quite a gifted group of folks and if we could get before the appropriate connections are certain that we could "wow" them by the quality of our venture and our own level of commitment.  We have attended TechCrunch50 and may make it to Le Web depending on a few variables and understand that we are frankly ahead of the funding curve in that we have all of the attributes that a VC may want, except for traction in the form of a developed application.  Other than that we`re ahead of the curve and offer a tremendously exciting opportunity and are poised to launch the application within 2-4 months post initial infusion, which is a very nice turn around and certainly better than most others can promise.
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