Help me bring my Moms Indian Chili Masala to market

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My mom makes an incredible Indian Chili Masala (old family recipe).  I thought, hey why not make a business of it.  What do you all think, and where do I start?  Fresh homemade ingredients, and incredible taste....I think the skies the limit.....who knows...


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    Thanks you all for your input.  I called the Florida Depart of Ag.  They will send me info about getting a permit to make and sell the product.  Apparently you cannot make the product in a home setting as you all mentioned.  It has to be an approved commercial establishment.  I have a friend who is opening an Indian restaurant in the area, maybe that is a possibility. 
    Do you think I can still make it and sell it or offer it for free "on the streets" or to neighbors to get a feel for its potential?
    Thank You for all of your help. 
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    You can  unofficially sample the products - at potlucks,  social gatherings etc  but if you are planning to brand it in any way, I would suggest you at least get liability insurance .
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    You should try getting a website done up and start doing SEO and place advertisements to get traffic. Next you should look for a logistic company to handle the deliveries.
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