Help me name my moms business

StamiStami Posts: 6subscriber
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I have thought of some name ideas for my mom`s commercial cleaning business, but would like some other suggestions. 
I have narrowed it down to, either:  Infinity Cleaning Services, or Elite Cleaning Solutions.  She is located in South Florida, and many of the other names are taken. 


  • NuevolutionNuevolution Posts: 30subscriber Bronze Level Member
    I think Infinity Cleaning Services sounds better than Elite Cleaning
    Solutions... Why the Solutions? What is there to be solved? You simply
    get a rag with some Windex  on it and wipe away.... plug the
    vaccuum and Vac Away, get a mop and mop away.
    Stick to Infinity Cleaning Services... ICS sounds cool...

  • MerchantServicesMerchantServices Posts: 4subscriber
    Elite Cleaning Solutions sounds great. Great for people who are looking for solutions for their cleaning needs.
  • ExceptionallyCleanExceptionallyClean Posts: 0subscriber
    Not to be rude Nuevolution but there is more to a cleaning business than just wiping and windexing.  A true cleaning service does not just go in with windex and a rag. 
    However, In reference to the business name question, I think Elite Cleaning Solutions sounds very professional.  It sounds catchy, the name makes you wonder more about the company. 
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