please review my website

geng0007geng0007 subscriber Posts: 1
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Hello All,
I'm a student and have created a e-commerce website for a fictional company:
I would really appreciate if you could give me your feedback/suggestions how to improve it.
Thanks a lot!


  • LivingSpritesLivingSprites subscriber Posts: 0
    First off: The site seems very plain. There isn't that much that makes it stand out in my memory, as it feels like a very 'blog-ish' layout. The image on the top bar seems odd too, it would probably help to change it from a tree to something relative to what you're selling (So a picture of books, CDs, etc.)
    The privacy policy is also a little weird. Going to that section just brings you to a description of what the policy means, without actually showing the policy it's self.Other than that, everything functions well, it's just like I said, seems very plain and unmemorable. It doesn't really grasp the users attention and keep it.
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