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I have a prototype but no more money...

CarpeNoctuCarpeNoctu subscriber Posts: 3
edited April 2009 in Protecting Your Ideas
What does a person do when they have built a working prototype but have no money for an attorney or a patent?
My fiancée and I are, like so many others these days, barely scraping by and we have sacrificed everything we could to build the initial prototype with the intention of doing nothing more than proving a theory. Now that they theory has been proven, we are spending what little we have to improve the prototype to make it "presentable"... Luckily, this won`t actually take much. Unfortunately, we don`t have the extra money to pay attorney`s fees, patent fees or anything else...
We have considered getting an NDA and talking to potential investors, but with our limited knowledge of NDA`s, we`re afraid of moving forward without solid protection... Thus the desire for an attorney...
What are our options?


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