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Hi everyone,what i need is some input on getting people to use my totally free services,we find them the phone deal remind them to claim the cashback money do not have to take any bank or card details as they place the order on there on pc,but they seem to be slow taking up our help,any ideas love to here from the community thanks greg</A>


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    ... I don`t mean to discourage you, but I think your site needs a lot of work to build user confidence.
    made some good comments regarding the copy.Why is everything such a large type?The sentence structure is not very professional.Did you know the nav bar disappears on the "about us" page?The Terms & Conditions don`t leave me feeling very safe. You state you follow the Data Protection Act of 1998. I didn`t know there was one, but if it`s as old as 1998, I think it needs to be updated.What is the "message board" for? There aren`t any messages.Did you know the copy right notice covers the final text on nearly every page? (Mac/Firefox)Why aren`t there any Meta Tags for SEO?It`s a simple site... That`s good. It`s seems to have been designed in a hurry or by a new user of the web. That`s bad.I hope this helps.
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