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Who Shops Amazon.com?

WAVHUGRWAVHUGR subscriber Posts: 1
Hi Startupnation,
I`m trying to increase traffic flow to a new program called 5%Blue.
:10 Second Pitch_
You can now help the Surfrider Foundation raise money by doing
your shopping on Amazon. (Books, Apparel, Electronics, etc) All you
need to do is visitwww.5percentblue.com
FIRST, click the link to Amazon, make your purchase and 5 percent of
your total will be donated by Amazon directly to Surfrider on that
My Question to the Forum_
How can we find Amazon`s Heavy Users? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!
Support Our Oceans!


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    WAVHUGRWAVHUGR subscriber Posts: 1
    All very good points. Thanks so much Steve!
    Besides a MySpace page, postings on forums, and a mention on the Surfrider newsletter... has anyone heard of a different communications vehicle that might help get our message across? It`s always hard to compete for voice share with a limited budget but maybe someone knows of or has heard of an effective guerrilla campaign that might be appropriate?
    If you had a limited budget (very limited budget) how would you promote a service like 5%Blue?
    Any advice, guidance, comments, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Cheers & Happy New Year!!
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