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Build-Out costs and planning for Real Estate office

G8TRBiZG8TRBiZ subscriber Posts: 1
edited June 2007 in Business Planning
I am starting up a Real Estate office and am finding the build-out process to be a little more challenging (read: expensive) than I originally thought.  Here is the scope of the build-out:
Space is approx 1900 sq. ft.  I need to have about 4 offices within the space, the rest of the floor plan will be open.  The build-out design is fairly simple and straight forward.  The initial quotes I`m getting from architects to design the interior space and walls is anywhere so far from $2500-5000.  This seems awful high to me.  We`re talking I only need 1 moderate sized boardroom, 1 broker office, and 2 smaller meeting rooms.    
My questions are:
1. Does anyone know what a typical build-out cost should run for an office like this.
2. Are the Architect fees realistic?  Am I just not asking the right questions of the architects?
3. Does anyone have any pictures of thier office spaces they occupy and would they be willing to share what those build-out costs ran? 
Any help is GREATLY appreciated.


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    SecurityProfessionalSecurityProfessional subscriber Posts: 2
    Costs for professional design fees don`t "scale down" very well. It takes almost as much time to put together a set of drawings for a 2,000 sq foot job as it does for a 10,000 sq foot job.
    Unless your local code requires it, most small tenant improvement projects like yours don`t necessarily need the services of a licensed architect. In my part of the world (Seattle), it is common to use a design-build contractor to do this type of work. They can do the design, take out the permits, and build the job all for one price.
    If you are building in a strip mall or office park, you may want to find out who has been doing the build-outs for the other tenants. Usually, there will be one or two contractors who do most of the work in any given building and they can often be very cost effective because they are already familiar with the structure.
    Good luck with the project!
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    G8TRBiZG8TRBiZ subscriber Posts: 1
    Good to see others going through the same.  I thought there would be more of us out there (mabye were just buried under drawings, quotes and a little drywall). 
    Thanks for the feedback, it`s really helpful and good luck with your venture as well.   
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    G8TRBiZG8TRBiZ subscriber Posts: 1
    Great points all around.  This is precisely where I`m at.  I have an independent architect and a design-build company quoting out the project.  It does seem the design-build co. will get the project done quicker and have quicker communication among thier own experts working on the project. 
    Thanks a bunch.   
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    infiniqueinfinique subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    I think you might want to consider getting a designer to design the floorplan from Philippines. That way, you can bring the cost down to $250.
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    Johan21Johan21 subscriber Posts: 0
    These days a great idea to save on planning and Architect cost would be to outsource the work to a reputed company with a proven track record in the same field. Companies in India, Philippines, Taiwan and even Dubai charge a lot lesser.
    The cost also depends on which part of the globe you are, costs in America and Europe will certainly be higher.
    Additionally if you are looking for structural alterations or plastering contractors in Liverpool, UK then you can contact 4K Construction. You can also ask for an absolutely free, no obligations quote.
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    KimberlyJonesKimberlyJones subscriber Posts: 0
    I would like to share an idea with you that I have tried successfully in the past myself. If you looking to give design work or rather outsource design work then there are a number of freelance websites where you can simply post your project and award the work to a person or company that offers high quality work at low cost.
    Be sure to judge the company/person before you award the job.
    This way you can save some where in the range of 40% of budget.
    I happen to work in Naples FL real estate market and needed a design for residential property for my client. I posted the project on one of these freelance website and got the work done in 15 days at a very attractive price.

    Naples Florida Homes for sale
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    Johan21Johan21 subscriber Posts: 0
    When you are thinking of building an office you will want to have the best construction material for your office. In many cases it is the construction company that choose the material to be used. In other cases you can just appoint a licensed contractor to do the workmanship while you source the material that you feel is best.
    These days since people have very little time to look into the sourcing of building material the construction company or the contractor will take care of the same for you.
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    KimberlyJonesKimberlyJones subscriber Posts: 0
    Relocating to a completely new destination can be really painful considering the time it can take and the fear of losing things.
    At Jay Moves we make it a point to offer you services that will allow
    you to be with your family and friends while we take care of all the
    household goods packing, handling and moving in the most efficient way
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    smith360smith360 subscriber Posts: 1
    It is important that when a company decides to renovate its space or
    redo call boxes center of a professional planner to be contacted for
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