I need advice on building prototype & finding mfr.

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I am working on a product and need to link up with product designers, rapid prototype builders, and OEM manufacturers.  This simple product has some plastic and minimal electronics to it.  Got any contact info willing to share?  or an tips? 
Much appreciated!


  • FUSIONFUSION Posts: 0subscriber
    Write that business plan before anything. The common trait among small business owners is that there are no shortage of ideas. You may find that without a plan to firm up the product idea; you will have several product evolutions and a some heavy debt for your troubles.
    There are some good people here, and hopefully one can provide services to narrow your planned product and market. Good luck!
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    "some" can mean 2 or more.  That means mucho tooling cost.Therefore count the costs first."medical" can also mean FDA approval. => $$$ and time.
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     Try MEDLINE or Beckton Dickinson
  • MedicalDudeMedicalDude Posts: 1subscriber
    That`s good advice pertaining to the business plan... i was thinking about that this a.m. on the treadmill.  I`ve started one but I need to finish.   Before I invest one nickel, I am trying to forecast all my foreseeable costs as best as possible.  I`ve also been told to build in "padding" because there are always unforeseen costs.
    Thanks as well on Medline and BD.  There is a wealth of knowledge from the users on the site and it is great to share info like this!MedicalDude2007-4-3 14:40:54
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