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Website Critque - Review Please

LoftyVisionLoftyVision subscriber Posts: 1
edited July 2007 in Website Critique
With a new patented product that according to the DIY Network creates a new storage category called,"  Attic and Wasted Spaces" Organization, our website www.attictrac.com</A> needs your critical review.
The goal of the site is to familiarize people to this new product and drive people to order from the website, contact a dealer, or locate it in a retail store.  I would appreciate thoughts as to what would help you understand these new products.
Thank you,


  • WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    Overall, I like it. Good information on the main page. I know right up front what it is and why it would be helpful to me.Personally, I am not crazy about the purple and teal colors at the top, but thats just me.I have DSL, so I`m not sure how well the video will load for dial up users. You may want to check into this if you haven`t already. Also, if the video plays constantly, it becomes somewhat distracting when trying to read the text information.All in all though, I think its great.
  • VideographyVideography subscriber Posts: 401 Silver Level Member
    Critical Review:Huge mistake in automatically playing the narrative track every time I enter the home page.  First, I resent ANY website that starts playing any audio or video without my permission.  You don`t know if the viewer is in a library or working at 2 AM while the spouse is trying to sleep.  Worst yet, when I click on the movie - the narrative from the home page CONTINUES giving me the sound of the narrative AND the sound from the movie.On the movie:  The 45-second intro was about 35-seconds too long.  The video content was pretty good, but the fake motion of the still photos was way, way overused and exaggerated.  There was no time to focus on the subject because it was zooming too much and too fast.  Also the flying text effects were distracting, overdone and unnecessary.  Put the call to action in the lower thirds for the whole video.  If you flash it at the end like a movie credit, then you`ve wasted an opportunity.  Duck the music and bring the narrative into the video where it belongs.  I also think that you could come up with more than one example of the product in use.  Sure you show other potential uses, but only one actual example.Steve Mann
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