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Forming an LLC

M3EssentialM3Essential subscriber Posts: 1
edited June 2009 in Business Planning
Hello. I have a real basic question which I hope can be answered. Can I form an LLC in CA with the same name as another LLC in a different state? Or does it have to be distinct to any other LLC out there?
Thanks in advance!


  • M3EssentialM3Essential subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks Phanio. I appreciate your reply and advice. So to clarify, there can only be one LLC with that name nationwide. It is not state by state.
    Thanks - Gary.
  • M3EssentialM3Essential subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks Mark. That clarifies things for me. I do appreciate both yours and Phanio`s response. I think it`s fantastic that there are people like you out there with nothing really to gain yet ready to step up and help folks just getting started. Thanks again, I think I`ll stick around this place.
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