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Finding salespeople

gewilliamsongewilliamson subscriber Posts: 1
edited February 2009 in Sales
   Hi all I`m new to this site. I have a start  up help desk, customer service center overseas. Our employees are ex-pats who were born and raised here in the States and went back home to go to school. They speak English as good as any American and our sales pitch is "onshore quality offshore pricing". Finding a good sales rep has been lees than successful. I have tried salary, salary and commission and commission only. Our new approach is to market our company as a resource to the sales person who is tired of the never ending quota system, the same product over and over again and allow them the freedom sell at their pace and to seek out new challenges. Rather than the company telling the sales person what to do the sales person tells the company what to do.
old proverb - help is hard to find ... good help is impossible to find.
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