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Marketing Sports in Schools

gapinggaping subscriber Posts: 2
edited October 2008 in Marketing
There are still a lot of schools here in the Philippines that don`t have a strong sports program and we would like to propose that we manage it for them.  What are some effective ways of marketing sports in schools?  How do we convince schools to have after-class sports activities?  How do we encourage students to join any one of the sports (ie. basketball, volleyball, taekwondo, soccer, etc)?  How do we convince parents to get their child involve/join sports classes/teams? 


  • minimegeologyminimegeology subscriber Posts: 26
    I would talk to the schools about this in relation to helping their kids stay healthy.  They can always start small and try a few things.  Our kids` school is having a "walk to school" day where they are meeting at a nearby parking lot and walking with parents and teachers to the school. 
    I think if you can get the school to allow you to come in an teach the kids about sports and good health you can probably get the kids interested.  Each year the Boy Scouts takes the children into the gym and tells them all about the program and why they should join.  Every little boy runs home begging to join the scouts. 
    My kids are in sports because they want to be.  I think if you can get the kids excited, then the parents will follow.
  • gapinggaping subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks guys!  Those are valuable insights that I can bring in my planning part. 
    Would you know why Parents do not let their kid(s) join sports clubs or any clubs in this matter?  Or worse, why the schools do not place priority (doesn`t necessarily mean equal importance to their academics) on sports?
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